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Buying Baseboard Covers
and Convector Covers

1: Will your baseboard covers be used for a home or business? If you need baseboard covers for a home, the most popular styles have perforated front grills, and a decorator appearance designed to work nicely in any home. All of these baseboard covers have a flat top design.
2:   If you need baseboard covers for a commercial application, such as a school or motel, any of our models are workable. One consideration: baseboard covers with louvered covers are heavier and more durable than those with level tops.
3:   Will the baseboard cover fit "wall-to-wall?" If so, you'll need to measure the wall in the very corner, rather than out 4" from the corners. We suggest you subtract 1" from that dimension, and order inside end angles. (This is recommended for all louvered covers.) We also suggest outside trim pieces for all perforated baseboard covers.
4:   If your baseboard covers will not run wall-to-wall, you'll want left and/ or right end caps, depending on location. End caps will add 1/8" to the outside dimensions of the cover.
5:   Will the bottom of your baseboard cover rest on the floor? If so, this is an FM (floor-mounted) model. If the bottom of the cover will be above the floor, it will be wall-mounted, so it's a model WM. Floor mounted baseboard covers are stronger, and are therefore the
preferred option.
6:   Do you need an inside corner for your baseboard cover? If so, measure the length you need from the very corner, in each direction, then subtract the depth of your cover, from each
measurement. This will become our "build size" for each wall. If you need end caps, let us know which end of each length. We will be happy to calculate the build size for you; simply provide us with wall-to-wall dimensions.
7:   What style baseboard covers will be best for your home or business? Flat top? Sloped top? Wall mounted? Floor mounted? Wall-to-wall? Mid-wall? Let our experts help you decide!


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