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Pipe Covers, Fin Tube Covers
and Fan Coil Covers FAQs

1: What's the advantage of pipe covers?
In older buildings, they improve appearance, but they also have important functional advantages. Pipe covers protect people from burns from hot pipes. Used in schools, they also protect pipes from kids, who enjoy poking holes in the insulation with their pencils. This is one of the most common phenomena in American education.
2:   What is a fin tube?
A fin tube, whether baseboard or convector-style, is a heating element, made of copper or steel, for a piping system. It has square or spiral aluminum "fins" that radiate (distribute) the heat and are low to the floor. Fin tubes replaced radiators in the 1940s and 50s and were popular before forced air systems became common.
3:   Why do I need fin tube covers?
Fin tube covers that were "original" with the heating system are generally flimsy, and after this long, have been dented with vacuums and other objects. Often, the sharp "fins" inside are partly exposed, too, which is unsightly and hazardous. ARSCO manufactures durable, custom fin tube covers to replace the original ones. They instantly improve appearance and eliminate a safety issue.
4:   What are fan coil units?
Fan coil units deliver heating, cooling or sometimes both. They can be mounted in cabinets, ceiling plenums, or elsewhere. A fan coil unit is generally a fan, plus one or two coils. A fan coil unit can have separate coils for heating and cooling or just one water coil for both. The coils operate using electricity, hot water, steam, or chilled water. Some fan coil units use a refrigerant.

Fan coil units are used for heating and cooling in apartments, condos, commercial buildings and hospitals. They provide excellent energy efficiency and warmer heating temperatures than are possible with standard heat pump systems. They also provide better dehumidification. ARSCO makes new and replacement covers for fan coil units made by every manufacturer.

5:   What's the advantage of fan coil covers?
The main one is appearance. Fan coil covers that are custom to the application improve appearance, and often turn something - a fan coil - that is utilitarian and not very appealing into something that improves looks and function.
6:   Can fan coil covers be repainted?
ARSCO fan coil covers are powder coated for long-term durability. However, if you want to change the color of an ARSCO fan coil cover, we recommend an oil-based paint.



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